Just one more

As we were collecting our project stories for our Works in Progress series Theresa had an RIP story of her own that she thought was worth sharing.  We waited to tell you about it until we could include photos of the finished project.sloan-01Back at the end of June, Theresa  realized that she didn't have enough yarn to bind off as she came to the last few rows of her Sloane Shawl designed by Annie of This.Bird.Knits.When she did some quick calculations with her remaining yarn, she knew that she had a couple of options.  She could cast on with a new skein that she would only use a very small portion of or rip back.  Her husband Norm offered a third option when he suggested that she just finish it in another color.   After a bit of soul searching, she very patiently told him that switching colors would not create the look she was hoping for and ripped back.In the future, she plans to look at her pattern when she is about halfway through her last skein to review the finishing instructions.  For this pattern, she needed 6 knitted rows and an elastic bind off which takes more yarn than a traditional one.sloan-04Theresa elected to use that little bit of an extra skein of yarn for a project she didn't want to make any compromises on.  She has a beautiful shawl and most of a skein of lovely For Better or Worsted that I'm sure we'll be seeing in the future as a hat or fingerless mitts.As it turns out, all's well that ends well.