Just What Our Hands Need!

One of our passions at My Sister Knits is finding small independent companies whose products are worthy of recommendation to our friends and customers.  It's even better when we find someone local!  We are pleased to introduce Jane Anderson who makes one of our unique, hand selected products, Yarn Balm! Jane tells us, in her own words, how Yarn Balm came to be...........Jane-from-yarn-Balm-RTPHello, My name is Jane Anderson and I am the owner of Stinging Nettle Apothecary out of Longmont, Colorado. Being a Certified Clinical Herbalist and working with the plants is one of my great passions in life.  One of my other great passions is knitting!  Years ago I combined these two to create a wonderful product called Yarn Balm.Yarn-balm-RTPHere in beautiful, but dry Colorado, keeping our skin moisturized is a constant struggle. There is nothing more bothersome than when your yarn or fiber gets snagged on your dry cracked fingers. Many salves and balms I found on the market were too oily and it took forever for the product to soak in, leaving me to wander the house to do other things instead of knitting. Many of the lotion and creams I tried either had too strong a scent or the moisturizing qualities wouldn’t last and I would have to continually reapply.So I went into my kitchen and created and Yarn Balm was born!Yarn-balm,-individual,-RTPIt’s a soothing, luscious stick of goodness that you can glide over your hands, fingers & cuticles, bringing relief to your dry skin. Though oil based, I formulated it to be less oily, allowing you to be able pick your handwork back up again without the fear of greasing up your yarn! Just apply as much as you need to those dry and cracked hands, finger tips and cuticles, rub it in and you are off knitting or spinning once more!I use one of my favorite herbs in Yarn Balm. Calendula is a bright beautiful flower that will grow almost anywhere, and it holds some noteworthy skin healing properties in those blossoms. I use organic calendula flowers and organic olive oil to make an herbal infused oil that I put in all my skincare products. I also use organic Shea butter, beeswax and other organic rich, nourishing oils and essential oils in my Yarn Balm. Nothing chemical, artificial or synthetic. Just pure natural goodness!Yarn-balm-2-RTPYarn Balm is an essential for every project bag and is the perfect addition alongside your needles, hooks, yarn and tools.You can check out my wonderful Yarn Balm at the fabulous My Sister Knits!Wishing You a Glorious Day!Jane Anderson, CCH