My Sister Knits' Kantha Quilt Event Nov. 7th!

My Sister Knit's Kantha (pronounced KAHN-taa) Quilt Event on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm will be a feast for your eyes!  These colorful quilts are one of a kind and make you happy when you see them!Kantha Quilts are hand made in India from recycled cotton saris.  The saris are layered and sewn together in the Kantha style.  They are reversible and usually one side is quite different from the other.These quilts have been made in rural India for centuries and are traditionally used to honor and welcome guests.  The color and patterns vary as each one is a unique handmade item of cultural art.Not only useful as light blankets, they look beautiful folded and stacked, draped over a sofa, as tablecloths or runners,  made into pillow covers, or to dress up accent pieces.My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Kantha, Kantha QuiltsWe are having a pop-up shop with these quilts on Tuesday, Nov. 7th from 5 - 7pm.  The quilts vary in size and we even have some zippered bags made from them!These particular quilts were made by women in India who have been rescued from the sex trafficking trade.  Making and selling these traditional quilts goes a long way toward creating financial independence for the women.  The sale of these pieces directly benefit the women who made them.local yarn shop, My Sister Knits, Kantha quilts, They come to us through a local non-profit, the U Count Campaign to fight human trafficking globally and domestically.  It is a team of dedicated volunteers whose passion is to raise awareness of this crime and to support the victims through the sale of the Kantha quilt products and private donations.More information can be found about their work locally here and internationally here.  We have Julie to thank for bringing us this opportunity to become aware of and directly help these victims of this unspeakable crime.Be sure to stop by the shop Tuesday evening to add some happiness to your home!