Kate's work in progress

When the Wool People Vol. 7 collection was published earlier this spring, Kate requested to make a shop sample of Natsumi, a boat-necked, dolman-sleeve pullover designed by Kazekobo.In spite of her excitement about the project, she was a bit intimidated at the thought of a sweater knit with fingering weight yarn on size 3 needles.  So she took a bit of a detour to help get started.   Instead of diving directly into the Natsumi project, she finished up a hibernating sweater project that had been on the needles for more than 2 years (!).Kate realized that by finishing this project she could accomplish two goals: she could finally wrap up a beautiful sweater that could become a summer wardrobe staple, and prove to herself that her idea that Natsumi was too much work was all in her head. feather_medium2Kate finished her  little Featherweight Cardigan designed by Hannah Fettig and it is on its way to the shop this week.  She used three and a half skeins of Isager Alpaca 2 and US 2 and US 3 needles.  She chose to embellish her sweater with a twisted rib created by knitting and purling those rib stitches through the back loop for an extra crisp stitch definition.  This sweater pattern is beautifully written to accommodate all kinds of variations, and we hope that you take a look at it the next time you visit.As soon as she got her Featherweight blocking, Kate cast on for Natsumi and is loving every stitch! IMG_2897She is using two strands of Shibui Pebble held together throughout.  This pattern is an interesting one as the construction starts at one side seam, and works sideways across the front and back of the sweater simultaneously.She told us that managing her four strands of yarn requires some concentration to avoid snarls. That means that this is one project that doesn't travel easily.  That having been said, Kate can't keep her hands off this project and has been stitching as often as she can! IMG_2898She has almost completed the body of the sweater which just leaves the sleeves, a bit of side seaming and a ribbed hem on the bottom.  At the rate she is going, this sweater should be in the shop for you to try on before the end of the month.  And she thought a project on size 3 needles could never be finished!?We hope that you'll use this summer to try something new, cast on for something a bit intimidating, or prove to yourself that you can knit something that you imagined was beyond your skills.  We are here to help, and would love to support your ambitions.  Let us know how we can help you grow a bit this summer!