Kavo unravelled

Earlier this month we posted about Shibui's newest yarn, Kavo.We received our first shipment of these beautiful skeins, and Julie and Kristin cast on for a new FREE Shibui pattern without delay.  Last week they both finished their k.2 scarves designed by Kristin Ford.

kavo 01

And both knitters have nothing but good things to say about the yarn.  I love how light an airy these scarves are.  Just the thing to prevent a chill from summer air conditioning at the market or the movies.

kavo 2

And the vibrant colors ensure that any color combination that you choose will be a showstopper!

Our next project will be to cast on for a new batch of mixology swatches.  Inspired by the detailed and thoughtful review that Hannah (of Handmade by Hannahbelle) posted at the beginning of the month; we are as eager as she was to see for ourselves how all the Shibui yarns look and feel when worked together with this new yarn.

Stop on by when you can to take a look at these skeins.  The silk wrapped cotton core construction is unique, and worth a much closer look.

© Hannabelle