Kicking the tires

Signature knitting needles are not your ordinary tool.  These metal needles have been specially machined for "stiletto" sharp points and have a silky finish that yarn slips over effortlessly.  And we can attest to this because we've had a chance to work with them to understand what all the fuss was about.Many of us have become converts and find their smooth surfaces and fine points a dream to use for lace work.  And some of us (Dawn, Kate, Kristin, Julie C and Connie Bea) reach for them no matter what we're casting on for!We'd like to offer you an opportunity to try these needles for yourself to see if you find them to be a luxurious and delightful to work with as many of us do.signatureCome join us for a fun evening, July 21st (Tuesday) from 6-8pm, when we'll make a variety of needles in several sizes available for you to swatch with and see what you think.  Dawn will be available to answer any questions that you may have and share her experience working with these needles.We look forward to seeing you there!