Knit big!

Who doesn't enjoy the gratification of a quick knit?  Big, bold large yarn projects are popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram and we love them too.  The designers at Loopy Mango have created a great simple pattern for a 12 x 18” pillow that Julie knit up in a blink this week.


Simply, cast on 15 stitches. Knit in the round until ready to cast off (leaving one yard of yarn remaining for stitching the openings).  Cast off loosely with your preferred method and insert the pillow inside.  Use your remaining yarn to stitch closed the openings on each side (you could also use other yarn and/or ribbon for this seaming).loopy-pillow-2Voila!  We wanted to share work in progress photos with you but before we could get them posted, Julie had finished her project.loopy-pillow-3Call the shop for more details on this lovely big yarn and the great big needles that makes it easy to work.  You'll have a great new finished project in no time!