Have a Knitting Adventure!

Do you ever think of having a knitting adventure?  Are you ever not quite sure how something will turn out but you forge ahead anyway, putting your faith in the pattern and/or designer?My Sister Knits, local yarn shop, Fort Collins, colorwork, stranded knittingAdventure is defined as an unusual and exciting experience; the encountering of risks; a wild and exciting undertaking!  The two concepts of ‘knitting’ and ‘adventure’ are rarely thought of together but it makes total sense to us knitters and crocheters!  Every time we start a new project we are embarking on an adventure! Even more so if we have the courage, determination, and faith in ourselves to try something new.  The nice thing for knitters and crocheters is that there isn’t an abundance of risk involved.  The worst that can happen is that we need to rip back and start anew.  That may be plenty of risk for us but, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t much.  Our level of adventure lies in our experience with what we’re doing.  For a newbie, following a pattern is an intimidating experience.  The heady feeling of accomplishment when finishing your first pattern gives you the confidence to try another one!Have you always loved lacy shawls but your lack of practical knowledge of charts and increases and decreases has given you pause?  We encourage you to decide to embark on a ‘wild and exciting undertaking’ and choose a project!  Perhaps one that has a lace edging and not an all-over lace pattern to whet your whistle!  Here is a post that gives explicit guidance for your first lace chart.How about cables?  A sweater? A new texture pattern? How about something that requires knitting in the round like a cowl or hat?For support, we have classes, Fearless Knitting drop in help on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 - 1, and we are always more than happy to help you at any time.  There is a plethora of helpful websites for when you can’t get to the shop.  Jenny always found that she needed help at 5:15 on a Saturday so she became familiar with many online resources!  Some of our favorites are Knitting Help, Knit Purl Hunter, Knit Freedom, and Very Pink.  Google what you need help with and you’ll find plenty of articles and videos to choose from!  Start your next project with a spirit of adventure; encounter risks and have yourself an ‘unusual and exciting experience’!  We’d love to hear about it along the way!