A local treasure

Less than 20 miles north of Fort Collins lies Wellington, CO; home of ANIROONZ Sheep Co.  Shepherds Nancy and Steve are raising a flock of roughly 300, consisting of five breeds of rare wool sheep that include the Lincoln Longwool, the Wensleydale, the Teeswater, the Karakul, and the Romeldale/CVM (California Variegated Mutant).You can learn more about these sheep here.As a professor of animal science at CSU, Nancy is a vital part of the local agricultural and veterinary community.  Her commitment to these animals and their role in our Fibershed is commendable.  She shares a bit of background about her farm and the passion she and her husband share for their flock:"There are many reasons for my husband and I to have these sheep! The first and foremost is that we LOVE them and take great joy in working with them and our associate sheep people! The other is to help young people get started in wool sheep.What we have found is that most young men and women – if they have worked with sheep – have only worked with meat breeds the Suffolk and Hampshire breeds. For the most they have no concept of the wool breeds and what can be done with them. So we – my husband and I – rationalize having all those sheep just to help young men and women get involved! We work closely with interns and those just interested. We help them get started and answer their questions. That is the way of sheep people!"The folks at ANIROONZ are raising these sheep with many goals in mind: to ensure the continuation of the breeds, to share their unique fine wool fiber with spinners along the Front Range, and to provide certified Halal and Kosher meat to the local market.  They harvest only the animals they must with respect and a commitment to ensure that every part of the animal is used.Aniroonz-peltWe are thrilled to be able to support the important work that the folks at ANIROONZ are doing.  Julie recently received several pelts from the flock that make beautiful rugs.  Molly has already claimed one as her own.aniroonz-02These pelts are specially tanned to perfection by experts in Pennsylvania, resulting in a soft supple product that can be machine washed.You may want to stop by the shop to visit our selection in person.  You'll find that each is unique and is a generous gift from animals who were well cared for.  What better way to support this thriving local flock and ensure its success?!