Look what's blooming

Julie’s twins graduated last week and she threw a little party to celebrate.  She asked Lauren of Fair Eliza’s Flowers to create some special arrangements to brighten the gathering.  Look at one of the beauties that she created.  I love all the textures. And her use of little feathers is something I've never seen done before.

Along with these beautiful bouquets, she also provided some fun tips about how to extend the life of the blooms.  Well above and beyond the usual tips of refreshing the water and cutting the stem ends, Lauren encouraged Julie to use the air plants and succulents around her garden.  The beautiful succulents are getting some sun in the garden waiting for the roots to do their thing before they go into the ground. 

And look what Julie was able to do with the air plants and some tips from pinterest!  These plants thrive on a bare minimum of watering, and do their best if lightly misted once a week or so, and then allowed to “air dry”.  Julie placed them in the bird nesting balls that arrived last month from Ten Good Sheep.  These beautiful handmade balls are filled with roving for nesting material for birds and are $15.75 at the shop.

What a creative way to extend the beauty and utility of two seasonal ornaments.  Julie has more fun ideas to share, so stop by the shop and visit when you have some time to spare.