We have all fallen under the spell of knitting with Shibui’s Silk Cloud yarn.  This feather light lace weight blend of 60% mohair and 40% silk feels softer than other mohair blends we’ve worked with in the past.  The glowing silk core of this yarn shines through a halo of translucent mohair, giving anything you make amazing stitch definition and drape.  The tones of color that we have in stock are mouthwatering. And Amelia couldn’t wait to cast on.She is in the midst of a pink phase so it was no surprise that she gravitated to the Raspberry color way.  She knit up a version of Ysolda’s Blank Canvas using Silk Cloud held double.  She found that with a size US 5 needle she was spot on for her stitch gauge, but her row gauge was a bit short.  By adding a few extra rows she was able to compensate for the difference and her sweater is a perfect fit. pink canvasWe love how the color glows, and how delicate the almost transparent fabric is.  It makes for a new spin on the old-fashioned mohair sweater set; and may make you want to consider knitting with a yarn you may have been avoiding.Only a day or two passed before she cast on for Gradient, a FREE Ravelry pattern for a stunning ombre infinity scarf that highlights four colors of Silk Cloud in a simple seed stitch cowl created by working with three strands of the yarn at a time. gradiantFor those of you out there groaning as you read this, thinking that you are NOT interested in multi-strand knitting; come in to the shop and take a look at these colors.  This yarn will change your mind, and you too will fall under the spell of Silk Cloud.