Make Brooklyn Tweed Quarry's Aquaintance

When you choose Brooklyn Tweed's Quarry for your next chunky weight project, you're in for a marvelous knit with a special yarn!quarry-skeins-rtp quarry-skeins-3-rtp quarry-skeins-2-rtp Quarry is spun in a unique way to give it a plump squishy texture.  When you look at it closely, you'll notice that its three plies are placed next to one another and then gently spun as one.  It looks rather like a single ply of roving but is much stronger.rovingQuarry makes a great round trip to get to us!  It begins its life on a sheep in Wyoming, travels to Texas, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and right back here to My Sister Knits!We have accessory samples in the shop for instant gratification knitting or crocheting.furrow-hat-quarry-rtp furrow-hat-quarry-detail-rtp triple-lux-cowl-quarry-rtpQuarry would also be fantastic used for.........brooklyn-tweed-copse-rtp brooklyn-tweed-riverbend-rtp brooklyn-tweed-burnaby-rtp One of the great things about Brooklyn Tweed is their pattern support.  Choose one of their well written, easy to follow patterns and you can be confident that your project and your yarn will be a perfect match!