Max & Bhodi

When knitting collaborators Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel (better known as Tincanknits) found themselves expecting they cooked up a pint sized collection of baby knits that is absolutely adorable.  Max & Bodhi's Wardrobe includes 6 patterns that are all knitworthy and our community's new Mommies found the patterns irresistible.Amelia has been knitting up a storm and has created samples of many of the collection's patterns in the 12 months size that her little one will be able to grow into in upcoming months.  We wanted to share some photos of these darling items on the off chance that you have a kiddo to knit for and are in the market for something special.playdate 1This photo features Playdate (the darling cardigan), Rocky (the wee pants) and Little Squirrel (tiny socks from a pattern that includes sizes for the entire family).rockyAmelia knit all three of these items with Bijou Basin's Lhasa Wilderness yarn.  This sport weight blend of 75% yak and 25% bamboo is wonderfully soft (thanks to the yak) and anti-microbial (thanks to the bamboo).  It is a pleasure to work with and to wear.  This blend will ensure knits that won't even hint at itchiness.And she didn't stop there.flyaway-2She also knit up the Flyaway blanket from the collection with several colors of washable Berroco's Vintage.  This worsted weight yarn made quick work of the pattern and we love the quilt-like look of this keepsake that is sure to get plenty of use.We hope that you'll agree that Tincanknit's collection is worth taking a closer look at.  Please stop in to check out the samples we have in the shop.  We look forward to seeing you soon!