Meet Julie Asselin's Nurtured Yarn

We are carefully curating a collection of more traditional woolen spun yarns in the shop and we'd like to introduce you to hand-dyer and yarn maker Julie Asselin's Nurtured, a woolen spun yarn whose colors are created in Julie's dye studio.Woolen spun yarns are light and airy, resulting in a light weight, warm finished project.  There is an informative article here that explains in detail the differences between woolen and worsted spun yarn for those of you who want to go deeper into the subject!The subtle color differences in each skein of Nurtured are created by dyeing the fiber before the yarn is spun, rather than after.Julie uses American Ramboulliet, Targhee, Merino and Columbia sheep fleece; each sheep breed takes dye in a different way which results in a lovely heathered look when blended together.We love knowing the background of our yarns!  Julie works in close relationship with her husband Jean Francoise and 4 friends to produce her yarn.  It's a family business that started 5 years ago in their home in the countryside of Quebec.  Yarn dyeing is part of Julie's family heritage.We have two samples in the shop, a pillow cover and a shawl.  Also, Julie has created The Nurtured Collection, 3 patterns written specifically for this worsted weight yarn. We invite you to the shop to get a first hand look at this intentionally nuanced yarn created with love!