Mother’s Day gift ideas

Sunday May 12th is just around the corner, and we'd like to share some ideas we have for gifts that will celebrate the Moms in your life.

Ten Good Sheep is a new vendor for My Sister Knits.  They are a couple of Virginia based shepherds who have been creating artisan products from their sheep’s’ wool for two decades.  We have a number of their products in the shop and our current favorite are these beautiful nesting balls/ornaments. 

These are designed to be hung in trees around your garden giving your neighborhood song birds materials to line their nests.  We think they look terrific filling a bowl on the table as an unusual wooly centerpiece.  Each ornament has a tag identifying the specific sheep the roving comes from.  Theresa and I agree that we’d love to meet their sheep named Lamborghini.

Another great gift possibility is our brand new arrival: Tatine Candles.  Theresa, a recent transplant from the Chicago area, encouraged Julie to check these out.  They are beautiful.  Each candle is a work of art in heavy weight - industrial, vintage modern custom glassware is sourced from 40% recycled materials.  The fragrances are hand-blended and beautifully balanced.  We think that they will make a special treat for those Moms who like to create a special ambiance in their home.

Our favorite local artist Connie King just dropped off some new yarn bowls.  She has been experimenting with some new glazes and the finished products are lovely.  These bowls are a beautiful addition to a knitter’s stash.  They are designed to hold a ball of yarn safe and unsnagged to guarantee quick and smooth progress.  Plus, it is a delight to see how pretty most yarns look against the beautiful glazes.

We have other gift ideas that we are eager to share.  Stop on by the shop and we can give you some fun and thoughtful options for any Mom that you want to celebrate next month, including yourself!