One of my favorite Boulder knitters Helen confessed that she is able to read while knitting garter stitch projects.  I can’t manage that.  I can glance at a TV to watch movies as long as there are no subtitles.  But I love to listen to stories when I knit.  This is one multitasking habit that I hope never to break.

I have been an member since 2006 and love their wide variety of titles.  My library of their titles includes both fiction and non-fiction.  Currently, my listening habits tend to focus on historical fiction series, as these stories provide diverting imaginary windows to very different worlds.  Some of my recent favorites have included:

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series.  Part time travel, part adventure, and all wonderfully detailed and carefully researched narrative. This series will transport you too back to the mid-1700s and I think you’ll enjoy the trip. **spoiler alert: there are some rather steamy bits which you can skip if the romance genre is not your thing.

Laurie R King’s Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Series.  These books have paired up a wonderfully quirky duo of characters giving Sherlock a new partner in a brilliant and headstrong young woman.

Suzanna Clark’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  This has sometimes been described as Harry Potter for grown-ups.  While the story does revolve around British magicians, the similarity ends there.  I found myself laughing out loud at points of the books which I found very cleverly crafted. I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.

Katie is an audio book fan as well.  Her favorite is listening to the Harry Potter Series which is sadly not among the selections available from  She has become a connoisseur of these stories and has a favorite production.  There are a couple of different versions of the books available on Amazon; she says that the British versions narrated by beloved British actor Steven Fry are the ones that you'll want to invest in.  His ability to provide different voices for the charachters make his version more rich, interesting and entertaining.

Tune in next week and I'll share my favorite picks for non-fiction audio!