National Sisters Day with Julie and Diana!

National Sisters Day is Sunday, August 6th!  Celebrated around the world on the first Sunday in August, the first National Sisters Day was in 2011.  It's a new unofficial holiday and what a superb idea!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Colorado, National Sisters Day, yarnThe most famous sisters at My Sister Knits are of course Julie and Diana.  For those of you who might not know, Julie is the owner and Diana is her older sister.  Their mom, who Julie says is the best mom, came up with My Sister Knits.  She knew that one day Diana was going to join Julie in the shop and this would be a fitting name.When asked to describe Julie in three words off the top of her head, Diana's response was, "fun, loving, awesome".Julie's answer to the same question was, "nicest person in the world, the one I'd turn to for parenting advice, the pretty one" (what a nice thing to say about your sister!).My Sister Knits, National Sisters Day, Northern Colorado, Local Yarn Shop, knitting, yarn, Julie and Diana learned to knit at the same time when they were about 7 and 8.  They took classes at Mrs. Bohaczek's in-home yarn shop.  Perhaps this is when the seed was planted for My Sister Knits!They have been knitting since then, sometimes taking a break to quilt but always coming back to knitting.  They each like to knit smallish 'anywhere, anytime' projects.  Diana is currently working on Christmas stockings; Julie is on a sock kick!  She also loves to knit hats, little girls' dresses, and gifts because she likes to think about the recipient as she knits.Growing up the oldest two of five siblings, Julie and Diana developed a deep bond.  They think the same, have the same interest in knitting, sewing, family, antiques, and liking to go back to their roots in Nebraska.  They went to the same nursing school with Diana becoming an elementary school nurse and Julie ending up as Head Nurse of the ICU at Poudre Valley Hospital here in Fort Collins.  Julie and Diana even look so alike that they are often mistaken for each other!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins Colorado, yarn, knitting, local yarn shopThey had a dream of doing something together when they both left nursing.  Julie opened My Sister Knits in 2004.  When Diana retired in 2015 she immediately moved to Fort Collins to partner with Julie and become a beloved fixture at the shop!When they aren't at My Sister Knits they like to spend time at their family cabin in Estes Park, Colorado,; take classes; travel; and enjoy meals cooked by Diana's husband. Their dream has come true!This quote by Isadora James perfectly sums up Julie and Diana:  "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life."Do you have a sister or sister-like friend you'd like to celebrate on National Sisters Day?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!