a new shawl for beginners

Kate has been working on a shawl since July.  It is a perfect social knitting project that combines garter stitch texture with short rows for some visual interest.This might be a terrific project for beginner knitters interested in trying something new.She cast off her Heartbreak by Lisa Mutch just last week. heart 03It is on its way to the shop and will be a perfect sample to highlight the new skeins of Sunshine Yarns that should be arriving any day.Kate used three colors of Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sock yarn.  This merino/cashmere/nylon blend has a wonderful drape and delicious softness that is impossible to resist. heart 01The asymmetrical shape of this shawl was created by Kate's decision to modify the pattern and reverse the direction of the last two wedges of color.  She added an additional section to increase the overall size of the shawl.  Once it is wrapped around you, you'll see why she decided to keep knitting.  It is like wearing a hug.She used the German Short Row technique while working on this project and swears that it is now the only way she'll approach short rows in the future.She used a couple of YouTube videos to learn how to master the technique.  You can find the purl to knit video here and the knit to purl video here.We hope that you find these videos helpful.  We can always provide you with a quick refresher in the shop if you have questions.