New Shibui yarn to play with

On the off-chance that you don't follow our Facebook posts, you should know that we have a new Shibui yarn in the shop that we are VERY excited about. kavoOur Shibui passion is expanding to include Kavo, the DK weight 85% cotton and 15% silk blend that is so brand new that you may be among the first to cast on with it!  Each skein is 224 yards/50 grams and $18.Shibui explains the name: "Originating from cavo n. Italian for rope or cable, adj. Hollow. An unusual combination of strength and elegance. With a strong 2-ply cotton core and a decadent silk wrap, Kavo creates incredible knits with exceptional drape and a smooth, luxurious hand. The slight variation in diameter gives this DK weight yarn an organic feel.""Intended to be knit on range of needle sizes, Kavo’s fabric is open and airy, yet substantial enough to hold structured silhouettes. The silk wrap adds a subtle touch of sheen, making it a perfect choice for summer wear."It may be the perfect choice for a swingy summer tunic like that one designed by Lori Versaci that Theresa is interested in knitting.  Or you may opt for a smaller accessory like k.2, a brand new Kristin Ford pattern from shibui that is FREE with the purchase of Kavo yarn.Let us know what you are tempted to knit with it!