Our new yarn is yaktastic!

Julie found a wonderful new yarn that comes from just 65 miles southeast of Denver!  Bijou Basin Ranch is a small family owned and operated yak ranch situated on the open plains of the Colorado outback.  And their light sport weight Lhasa Wilderness is a new arrival at the shop. Lhasa Wilderness 02For those of you who have yet to work with yak fiber, here is a bit more information about what makes it so special."Typically, yak produce two different types of hair. The first is the outer "guard hair" which is the longer, coarser, and stronger hair.  The second hair produced is the short, fine, soft undercoat or "down hair" which is produced by the animals during the winter and is an incredible insulator. Yak living in cold climates will produce from one to two pounds of down annually. The down is shed in the spring and is harvested by combing.The down is very soft and is comparable to cashmere or camel in softness and quality. Once separated from the guard hairs the down is processed into clouds and rovings and spun into yarn that is wonderfully warm and soft.This yarn has it all: softness and strength, plus an excellent hand and drape, all in a versatile sport weight! Available in a soft natural brown, as well as brilliant semi-solids and a few variegated colors hand-dyed by Lorna's Laces." Lhasa WildernessJulie didn't waste a moment and has already knit up a beautiful Rikke sample with a single skein.  The simple garter stitch  slouch beautifully illustrates the soft suppleness of this yarn.  It is wonderfully soft, perfectly warm and the color is a pleasure to behold.We think that you'll enjoy working with this yarn as much as you will adore the finished projects you create with it.