One Pattern, Five Yarns

As knitters, we have the fun ability to make creative choices with our projects!  One of these is the yarn we use.  We can certainly buy the yarn suggested in the pattern, yet we can also branch out and choose something different that will work just as well.Let's-get-lost-4-shawls-RTPWhen substituting yarn, there are two main items to consider.The first is weight.  We highly recommend that you stick with the same weight.  For instance, if the pattern calls for fingering, choose another fingering weight yarn.  Using a different weight will involve swatching and much calculating.  It takes a lot of time and effort that could be spent knitting!The second consideration is the fiber in the yarn suggested by the pattern.  Let's Get Lost calls for a yarn that is 100% wool.  Luckily, shawls are versatile and comfortably wearable using any yarn that will drape. They are a  great place to start when substituting yarn!  Ours were made using a variety of fibers and they all hug your shoulders or gather around your neck beautifully.We have a marvelous collection of five Let's Get Lost shawls in the shop as excellent examples of how to substitute one yarn for another.Let's-get-lost-Dandelion Let's-get-lost-Rosy-Green-Wool-RTP Let's-get-lost-sparrow-RTP Let's-get-lost-Tosh-Merino-Light-RTP Lets-get-lost-Hedgehog-RTPWe encourage you to come into the shop and examine how the different yarns look and feel in this shawl; we hope you will be inspired to make your own yarn choices and we are always eager to help!