Pamper yourself

Crafters all agree that there is nothing quite as special as a hand knit sock.  They are gifts worth treasuring.  Perhaps because they aren't as visible as a shawl or a hat, they could go unnoticed by everyone but person wearing them.  But these socks are likely to shine.upland01These beauties are the Upland Socks designed by Simone Kereit.  She added those beautiful botanical vine patterns to the front of the sock to hold her interest through knitting a second sock.  With all of this fun intricate patterning to keep you engaged, you won't leave this pair unfinished.These were knit up with MJ Simple Sock yarn on a US1 needle.Simone is the same design talent who dreamed up the stunning shawl you saw here a week ago: On the Forest Floor.Forest Floor1You could imagine that wearing such a stunning shawl will get you attention and praise, while a pair of socks might not draw everyone's eyes.upland 02That would leave these pieces of art to be treasured by person wearing them.  Should they want to dazzle, they could roll up their cuffs and walk tall, but they may choose instead to simply curl their toes with happiness knowing that their toes are pampered by a very clever knitter.We have a breathtaking variety of sock yarns for you to play with and as many patterns for you to consider.  We'd love to get you started on a pair of very special socks this week - for you or someone you love!