Reywa yarn and fostering hope

Knitting stitches people together.  We have loved to see the thriving community that has been built around our project tables in the shop on Tuesday evenings; and the connections that grow from there.  We have found that our classes bring crafters together.  And the various charity and knit bombing projects that we have helped coordinate have also created bonds in our community.We now have an opportunity to support a larger community.  Last week, we received our first shipment from Reywa FibersembraceThese downy soft skeins of Embrace Yarn are 100% Tibetan Yak Down, in three colors: Barley, Cloud and Dancing Yak!  Each skein of this DK weight yarn contains 210 yards/95 grams.  Yak fiber is very special, sharing many of the characteristics of alpaca, qivuit, cashmere and fine merino wool.  Some of the highlights include: luxurious softness, superior warmth, naturally hypo-allergenic properties, excellent for wearing next to sensitive skin, extreme breathability and insulating properties, and natural water resistance. © Reywa Fibers"Beyond the incredible natural properties of yak, Reywa Fiber’s 100% Tibetan Yak Down yarns come with an extraordinary story of community and environmental transformation. Their roots are in non-profit work on the Tibetan Plateau, and profits from the sale of their yarns is reinvested directly in educational sponsorship for children of impoverished families, and in grasslands restoration initiatives to reverse the process of desertification that threatens the traditional grazing-lands of the Tibetans’ herds.Reywa means hope. Know that when you purchase Reywa yarns, you are helping to provide hope for a Tibetan student—and their family—for a future free of poverty."We at My Sister Knits are thrilled to play a small part in supporting families half a world away.  This yarn offers all of us a chance to extend the supportive reach of our knitting circle while doing what we love to do: create beautiful hand knits with fiber that is a pleasure to work with.We think that you'll fall in love with these skeins as much as the mission of Reywa Fibers.  There is a generous selection of pattern ideas that could be knit up with this yarn on Ravelry for you to choose from.  We hope that you'll find a favorite and come to the shop to see our beautiful skeins.