Say Hello to Jeffrey!

We are in for a rare treat this week!  Some of you may have been to The Yarn Guys' booth at Interweave's Yarn Fest.  The booth is chock-a-block full of amazing Norwegian knits as they are the US distributors of Norway's Rauma yarns.  This yarn is sticky which is perfection for colorwork projects!rauma-brights-rtpWe carry their new yarn, 4 ply Spaelsaugarn (yarn from the ancient breed Spaelsau) which isn't on their website yet, along with Finullgarn (fine wool yarn), Strikkegarn (knitting yarn), and Gammelserie (Old Series).spaelsau-sheep-rtpJeffrey Wall, of The Yarn Guys, is going to visit My Sister Knits!  Jeffrey, in addition to being a lot of fun to be around, is one of the most positive and encouraging people we know!  Join us as we welcome him from 5 - 7pm Tuesday evening, October 25th!  This would be a great time to learn more about Norwegian Rauma yarn created from ancient Norwegian breeds.We are fortunate that he will be teaching two classes on Wednesday, October 26th.  The first one, from 9 - 10am, solves the problem of flipping your project back and forth constantly as you work.  It also is a great help if you prefer not to purl.  Jeffrey is going to teach us how to knit backwards!  We can't wait!raiuma-neutrals-rtpThe second class, from 10:30 - 11:30 is an introduction to stranded colorwork.  So often we admire this technique but feel that it's too advanced for us.  Jeffrey will give us tips, teach us how to knit beautiful designs, and we'll be surprised by how easy it really is.  Jeffrey will inspire us and assure us that we can indeed create something marvelous!There are a few more spaces in each class so call the shop to reserve your spot and we hope to see you Tuesday evening for our meet and greet!970.407.1461