Sheepy Shelter!

We would like to properly introduce Brooklyn Tweed's yarns one by one.  Today the spotlight is on Shelter, Jared Flood's first yarn!shelter-skeins-rtpIn essence, Jared Flood and Brooklyn Tweed are synonymous. In 2005 Jared Flood created the Brooklyn Tweed blog.  Brooklyn because that's where he lived at the time, before he moved to his current home in Portland, Oregon.  Tweed because that was his favorite yarn.  BT pattern designs came soon after and in 2010 his first yarn, Shelter, was created!rosebud-by-jared-flood-in-shelterShelter begins it's life in Wyoming with Targhee-Columbia sheep.  Then off to Texas to a 150 year old company for a gentle, thorough cleaning.Since no harsh chemicals are used, you may find a tiny bit of hay in your skein of yarn every now and then.  We think  this  adds to the personality of the yarn and it reminds us of how close to the sheep it is!Shelter's next step toward your needles is in Pennsylvania where it is dyed by a 5th generation family-owned company.mason-hat-shelter-newsprint-cw-jared-flood-rtpFinally it goes to a 200 year old mill in Harrisville, New Hampshire to be spun.  From there, it's a hop, skip and a jump to our Brooklyn Tweed wall and your project!bronwyn-shelter-fossil-colorway-rtpWe are thrilled to carry this yarn that is unlike anything else!  The way it's spun with a light twist creates a lofty, airy, fluff of wool that is incredibly light and warm.These wonderful features cause it to be a bit delicate while you're winding or knitting it but once your project is wet blocked the stitches form a strong fabric that wears well for years!Our samples are ready and waiting for you to try on and we can also show you a myriad of patterns created specifically for this yarn which can be knit at different gauges!  Come in a give this beauty a whirl!