She's Wooly Something

Marie Mayhew is Coming!

We are terrible secret-keepers around here.  We get way too excited about the newest yarn/ pattern/ notion/ needle/ book/ designer to keep our mouths shut about it.  We've tooted Marie Mayhew's (Woolysomething on Ravelry) horn before and we certainly don't mind doing it again! 

Marie Mayhew will be joining us at the shop on Tuesday, October 23rd from 6-8pm to promote her newest pattern for these wee little Birdie Ornaments.  This event is FREE, but we only have room for 20 people -- please call the shop to reserve your space and make sure we have room for you!

She'll share tips and tricks about making any of her felted creatures -- her pumpkin decorations are perfect for fall, and she has numerous wintery designs as well.  And as wool lovers, we obviously love the Felted Wooly Sheep. Visit her website to see all of her designs.


Cirrus Cowl Class, October 27 and November 10 from 10-11am

We are offering great classes in October and November!  We still have room available in the Cirrus Cowl Class, beginning Saturday, October 27.  The Cirrus Cowl is made with one skein of Swans Island Fingering weight yarn and we have many beautiful colors to choose from. It is a feminine and delicate project that incorporates just enough detail in the form of big cables to keep the knitting interesting.

Fixing Mistakes Class, November 6 from 6-8pm

We've all made mistakes before, and they can be heartbreaking.  But not if you know how to fix them!  Join Julie C. for her Fixing Mistakes Class on November 6th and learn basic fixes like making vertical and horizontal corrections; unraveling, recognizing and correcting twisted and skipped stitches, and common cause for too many or too few stitches.  There is homework (swatching) involved for this class, so please call the shop to sign up!


Shale Baby Blanket Class, November 10 from 9-11am

Jared Flood is another favorite around here (told you we're bad at secrets!) and his Shale Baby Blanket is in the top of our favorites.  Join Kate S. for this class and make a beautiful blanket for an extra-special little one or a lap blanket for yourself to keep the chill off this winter.


Re-Stocks and New Stuff!

We've gotten new shipments of Swan's Island (both Fingering and Worsted weights) and Malabrigo's Twist and Finito.  Swan's Island is a treat for your fingers (and perfect for that Cirrus Cowl!) and we fall more in love with Malabrigo's colors every day. A new one for us is Harrison Wheelworks Yarn, handspun and hand dyed. Scientist by day, and spinner-dyer by night, her colors are absolutely outstanding.  We ordered a lot, so stop by to take a look in person.  Brooklyn Tweed's Fall '12 book just arrived, as well as Classic Wooly Toppers from Wooly Wormhead.  We're expecting copies of Knit Red to arrive soon, so call the shop to reserve your copy and help make a difference in fighting Heart Disease.  If you need quick patterns for gifts, we're in love with the Duffers Felted Slippers (only 19 rows?! Super fast!) and Audrey's Fingerless Gloves, both available at the shop now.  Only 69 knitting days left until Christmas!