Speckled Yarn and Plainer Yarn; How to Pair Them Successfully

We all have it - one skein of speckled yarn that caught our eye and we just had to make it our own immediately!  It's absolutely perfect!  The delicate base color is dappled with our favorite bolder colors and the whole skein makes us cheerful just looking at it.The problem is what to make with that one skein?  My Sister Knits has the answer for you; make a two-colored shawl!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, fingering weight shawls, These are three of several two-colored shawls on display in the shop.  They are all splendid patterns to showcase a speckled yarn!"Wait a minute", you say.  "How do I choose a yarn that will go with my dear beloved speckled skein?"  Once again, My Sister Knits comes to the rescue!  Armed with the information below you will become a master at selecting two yarns that play nicely together.Matching the yarn brands is not necessary!First, choose a yarn that is the same weight.  Fingerings go with fingerings, DKs go with DKs, you get the picture!Second, match the plies.  If yours is a single ply, pair it up with another single ply.  If it's plied, pair it with a plied yarn.Third, compare the drape of your beauty and pair it with a skein that has about the same.To do this, hold your speckled skein and the one you're considering in each hand to see what their 'flop factor' is.  The more flop, the drapier the yarn.  It's fun to go around the shop and test yarns, try it!Once you've found a yarn with the weight, ply, and drape that goes well with yours, it's time to choose a color!In the photo above we've paired yarns as examples.  Some are the same yarn line, some aren't.  The top left pair is a skein from tot le matin with one from madelinetosh.  That black has a hint of blue that is gorgeous!  The speckled yarn on the top right is hue loco paired with a tonal from hazel knits.  Look at how those greens match!The middle shelf shows how a speckled yarn can pair well with more than one color.  The speckled and the green are both Hedgehog Fibres while the orange is madelinetosh.The bottom two are both madelinetosh.Bring your speckled darling to the shop and have some fun choosing a playmate for it and an ideal pattern!  There are always plenty of people at the shop to help you with choosing if you so desire!  Staff and customers alike love to chime in on the yarn selection process when asked!We hope to see you and your precious speckled beauty soon!