Summer Elegance

We have an exquisite, lightweight summer cowl that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit!Linen-Chevron-Cowl-RTPThe Linen Chevron Cowl is made with one skein of Shibui Linen and calls for a size 5  24” circular needle.  It has a unique chevron design and seed stitch detail on a stockinette body for an airy, tailored look. Linen-Chevron-Cowl-detail-RTPThis cowl is made to be worn in the heat and, with it’s absorbent and heat channeling characteristics, will even help you to keep cool.  Linen’s natural fiber allows for maximum breathability and is known for its extraordinary coolness and freshness in hot weather.  Made from fibers of the flax plant, it is the oldest of manmade textiles.  It was even the favorite fabric of King Tut!We have a wonderful array of colors to choose from.Shibui-Linen-2-RTPYou can find the free pattern here.  Jenny is going to cast on with the Pollen colorway; which are you going to choose?