Summer knits with linen cont.

This week’s light weight yarn review highlights Shibui Linen.  This yarn is unlike any linen I have worked with in the past.  It has been spun into a unique chain ply structure. When seen close up, it looks a bit like an engineering marvel. shibui linen closeThat unique structure makes the yarn soft and silky to the touch even in skein form.  Once it is wound and you start to work with it, that chain provides the yarn with more resiliency than a plant fiber would normally have.  So it is a pleasure to knit with. shibui linenOnce you block your finished garment, the fabric softens even further, providing a light and airy drape that pops with Shibui’s trademark colors.  I used this yarn to knit up Julie Hoover’s InsouciantinsouciantWe have some wonderful colors for you to choose from.  And the folks at Shibui have been hard at work this spring expanding the linen line.   So  now there are even more options that we would love to special order for you.Stop on by the shop when you get the chance, so that we can show you our newly renovated wall of Shibui yarn.   This linen may change what you want to knit with this Spring and Summer.