Sunshine Yarn

The newest arrival at My Sister Knits... Sunshine Yarns.

Sunshine yarns is a small yarn company that is based out of Boulder, Colorado. There is nothing like buying local! They specialize in beautiful colors; in fact, the tagline to Sunshine Yarns is "Spread Color." Just this week, we got a huge shipment of sock yarn.

A lot of the appeal of the yarn is the fun names of the colors. There are pretty typical names like "Butter," "Bluebird," and "Silver." There are alos some really fun ones like "Pumpkin Chai" and "Love Potion," and some names based on books like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Some examples are "Katniss" and "Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder." You must come into the shop and see the colors for yourself. Check out their website at