Swans Island has done it again!

We love the newest addition to the luxurious Swans Island Yarn selection:  All American Collection Worsted.  These worsted weight skeins contain 210 yards of a delicious blend of 75% wool and 25% alpaca.swan americanAll American is the perfect embodiment of rustic sophistication hand-crafted in the good ol' USA! It's a rich blend of alpaca fiber from small east coast farms and Rambouillet wool from the Erk Ranch in South Dakota.These high quality fibers are woolen-spun at an historic New England mill (the combing process is left out in order to give the yarn its rustic look). From there the yarn makes its way to Swans Island's Northport studio in Maine, where it's hand-dyed to perfection!Ravelry has a mouthwatering selection of patterns designed by Swans Island.  Many of the accessories that call for worsted weight yarn options would be deliciously and luxuriously soft and drapey if knit up with these skeins.This blend is lofty, soft and rich in hue.  We are looking forward to seeing what you feel inspired to make with it!