Swans Island Yarn, Blankets, and Patterns

Hi MSK Community!

A few blog posts ago, I briefly got to tell you about one of our newest arrivals - Swans Island yarn. Since then, we have received new products from them and learned more about their company. I think that they deserve a whole post dedicated solely to them in order to give you a glimpse into their beautiful products.

Swans Island takes its name from Swans Island, Maine, where they first opened. These islands were traditionally used to raise sheep, so when the owners moved there in the early 1990’s, opening up a small weaving operation fit the location perfectly. Since their early days, they have expanded from just selling hand woven blankets to wraps, scarves, yarn, and patterns as well.

The people at Swans Island are true fiber artists. They have dedicated themselves to craftsmanship, timeless beauty, and sustainability. They use organic merino fiber that is spun in a certified organic mill, meaning they use less chemicals in the treatment of their fiber than other mills do. All of their dyes are produced from natural dyestuffs such as minerals and plants, so they beautifully represent the colors in the natural world. Swans Island describes their creative philosophy better than I ever could, so I’ll let them speak for themselves: “The Swans Island process is a labor of love and a meditation on the beauty and value of a handmade life. We approach our weaving and dyeing in a way that honors traditions of craft in order to create a more sustainable future. Each piece is created with techniques honed throughout centuries of fiber arts.”


At MSK, you will find Swans Island yarn, patterns, and blankets. We have their organic merino wool in worsted and fingering weights in many gorgeous colors. Since everyone at the shop is so excited about the yarn, we already have some finished articles to show you. The patterns that we have include mittens, scarves, hats, and shrugs. The projects reflect the simple and beautiful aesthetic that Swans Island embodies. We also have some of their hand-woven blankets, in both throw and queen sizes. They would be a perfect gift for someone you care about, even yourself!

Visit Swans Island's website to learn more about this unique company, if for no other reason than to remind yourself that a place like this really exists!



Happy Knitting, Katie