Thank you, Lord Kitchener!

Every time a knitter uses the Kitchener stitch to make an invisible seam, he or she has Lord Kitchener to thank for coming up with this ingenious join.Lord Kitchener was the English Secretary of State for War during the first World War. A decorated military officer and war hero, one of his interests was encouraging women on the home front to support the troops by knitting for them.stripe me up sockHe saw a need for a different technique for toe seams in socks; the one used at the time rubbed the soldiers' feet raw which could result in life-threatening infections when the men were in the muddy trenches. Lord Kitchener designed and knit socks using this technique and was greatly admired for this new way of seaming two pieces of fabric together (also called grafting) with a smooth join.Our next Fearless Knitting sessions will have you feeling confident about using this method of joining, along with the Three Needle Bind Off, and will leave you eager to try out your new-found skills!Join Jenny on Thursdays May 19th & 26th and Saturdays May 21st & 28th from 11 am to noon for her free technique demonstration and stay for complimentary knitting help from noon to 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to come for knitting help or to gather around our knitting table to enjoy the camaraderie of knitters, whether or not you need advice. We look forward to seeing you here!