Thank You

We at My Sister Knits want to make a more concerted effort to support the Fort Collins Community in 2013.  We started the year with a drive to support the Kiwanis Club.  We gathered a record number of items for them, and local school children have benefited from your generosity.

In April, we continued the community support with a Food drive to support the Larimer County Food Bank.  A big thank you goes out to those of you who dropped off much needed food items with us at the shop, or made donations directly to the organization.

This month we wanted to draw your attention to Animal House Rescue & Grooming, a much loved animal shelter that provides second chances for local dogs that need help.  Dawn and her son have recently become involved with this organiation as dog walkers.  She can’t say enough about her experience there, and I hope that you’ll ask her about it the next time you are in the shop.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved.  You may choose to adopt, or become a foster family for a dog that needs help.  Or the warmer weather may inspire you to volunteer your time as a dog walker.  You could also donate items on the Animal House’s Wish List.  These items are essential for the day to day needs at the shelter; and you may find it easy to drop them by the shelter and meet one of the residents like Buttercup (above).

For those of you who love to run when you aren't stitching, On Saturday May 19th there is a 5k Run Fur Fun that will benefit the organization.  Details can be found here.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a quick race that is geared for the whole family (including four legged members)!

We hope that you may be inspired to pitch in. We would love to hear about other local charities and organizations that are dear to your heart, so that we can continue to create stronger ties in the Fort Collins community.