Thanksgiving, 2017

"What if, today, we were thankful for everything?"  Charlie BrownMy Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Colorado, local yarn shop, Thanksgiving We at My Sister Knits want to wish everyone a thanks-filled Thanksgiving!  Our hearts are overflowing as we remind ourselves to be aware of both the large and small things we appreciate on a daily basis.  From good health in our families to the way an autumn leaf catches the sun and everything in between, we are thankful for the goodness in our lives! My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Thanksgiving We are also thankful for what knitting brings to us......a community of  supportive, encouraging people; beautiful yarn that we love, whether it's as soft as cashmere or a sturdy rustic one; a sense of wonder and excitement as we start a new project; and the list goes on and on!We hope that you are able to squeeze a bit of knitting into your day!My Sister Knits, shop local, yarn shop fort collins