The Lovely Lakelet Shawl

Julie discovered a lovely, tailored, small shawl at Squam this summer, designed specifically for that renowned June retreat.  This fall accessory drapes beautifully and feels softly luxurious wrapped around your neck and shoulders!Lakelet uses Kettle Yarn Co.'s Beyul and, oh my, it's irresistible!lakelet-shawl-rtpMade with  20% baby Yak, 20% Silk, and 60% ethically sourced Merino wool, you won't want to put this project down until there is no yarn left!lakelet-detail-rtp lakelet-shawl-icord-detail-rtpYak is the secret ingredient in Beyul; it sits between cashmere and baby camel on the softness scale.  One Yak produces only about 100g of down a year, which is the weight of an average skein of fingering yarn.  This prized fiber is durable, breathable, lightweight and keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.Linda Lencovic, owner of Kettle Yarn Co., is a Canadian transplant to England where she started her company in 2013. She is dedicated to supporting small-scale wool producers in the UK, along with animal welfare and the environment and her yarns reflect this.We have kits...lakelet-kits-rtpand individual skeins for you to choose from.lakelet-skeins-rtpMy Sister Knits is pleased to add this yarn to our growing, carefully curated collection of yarns that are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and supportive of small fiber farmers.We'll be delighted to show you Beyul because it gives us an excuse to touch it, even if we already have some on our needles!