The Perfect Beginner Lace Shawl!

Zoe has knit a stunning sample of Heidi Alander's Satakieli shawl using Tukuwool, our new yarn from Finland.  It's lightweight, airy and you hardly know you have it on!This shawl is terrific for someone looking for a beginning lace project because it's combined with restful garter stitch!  The lace pattern is made with yarn overs and a 'slip one stitch, knit 2 together and then pass the slipped stitch over and off the needle' combination (sl1-k2tog-psso).  That's it!  We'll be  happy to help you!Heidi's lace chart is large and easy to read.One way to make lace charts clearer is to color code each symbol with a separate color and then color in the chart.  It's the only way some of us can keep track of where we are without having all those black and white symbols run together!Another way to keep track on a lace chart is to put a piece of highlighter tape above the row you're working on.  Putting it above the row allows you to see what you've done and it's easy for your eyes to focus on the row just below the tape.  Fold each short edge under just a bit to make it easier to move the tape when you're done with a row.Use those two tricks together and chart reading is a breeze!A problem that crops up from time to time is when a designer misuses the word 'repeat'.  In this case, Heidi's instructions are to 'repeat rows 1- 18 once'.  That's exactly what Zoe did; she worked them once and then worked them again for a total of 36 rows.  Heidi actually meant to work those rows only once.  However, this was a lucky mistake because we like the shawl much better with twice the amount of lace!Kimberly, Zoe and Jenny had fun putting together some different color combinations using several brands of yarn.  All of these would make lovely shawls.