This week's Deal of the Day: 30% off Lotions, Chapstick, and Candles

This week’s Deal of the Day is our way of encouraging you to pamper yourself.  During cold spells like the one we are in the middle of, the dry climate of Colorado can feel even more extreme when forced air heating makes our snug interiors feel as dry as the Sahara.  When my hands and lips become chapped from exposure to heat and cold, and working with deliciously soft yarn loses its charm because my hands are too dry; I know it’s time for a home spa day.  I light a few scented candles, put some quiet soothing music on the stereo, and put some water on to boil for a facial.  I start my spa with a long hot shower and plenty of delicious moisturizer.  After a few minutes with my head over a bowl of steaming water, I give myself a mini facial with extra moisture for my face and hands.

Then I snuggle up in my favorite corner of the couch with a cup of tea and a knitting project to keep my lap warm and watch the snow come down.

We are discounting all of our lotions, chapstick, and candles 30% this week.  We hope that this sale will inspire you to relax, take good care of yourself and stay warm!