Three new yarns from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Julie got a chance to me Karida at Stitches West last month and was delighted by this fiber artist's beautiful work. neighborhoodKarida lives just outside of Baltimore Maryland and has created a stunning line of yarns whose rich colors and subtle tones are inspired by and named to reflect the natural beauty and diverse neighborhoods throughout the nation's capital.Theresa brought a skein of yarn back to Colorado with her so that she could get a little head start and sure enough, her Easy Peasy Blankie as off her needles just before our shipment of new skeins arrived.  She combined Anzula For Better or Worsted with a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co.'s Studio Worsted and it is scrumptious! easy blankieJulie ordered mouthwatering colors in three different yarn bases.  Karida's Studio Worsted is a 100% Merino yarn in generous 400 yard skeins that Ravelry users have awarded 5 out of 5 stars.  Everyone who works with this yarn loves it.  And you will too.The Ravelry pattern suggestions include pages and pages of mouthwatering shawls, sweaters and baby things.  It's hard to choose what to work on first! neighborhoodBut that's not all!  Julie also ordered two fingering weight yarns for lighter weight knits.  We received the Studio Sock and Rustic Fingering as well.  The saturated colors are a delight to the eye and these 100% Merino skeins are as squeezably soft as you'd wish. neighborhood and mollyMolly can't resist them any more than we can!  What a fun way to invite color back into your life in anticipation of Spring blooms.We hope that you can visit us soon while our selection is as rich as possible.