Today's the Day!

Today is an exciting day for Woolfolk and My Sister Knits; it's the launch of their newest family member, Tov!Tov is aran weight with an unusual construction; it's a 12 ply cabled yarn.  Six sets of two plies are twisted in one direction.  Then  those six strands are twisted together in the opposite direction creating a round yarn that shows textures distinctly.  We can't wait to see your projects with cables and textured stitches such as moss stitch, seed stitch, linen stitch, and more knit with Tov!  Stockinette even has a special look; come in and examine our sampler swatch!tov-light-skeins-rtpLike the other Woolfolk yarns that we carry; Far, Tynd, and Sno, Tov is made from Merino sheep from Patagonia with fleece as soft as cashmere!  Due to the shape of the scales on the fiber, this yarn reflects light and takes dye in a way to create deep, rich, lustrous colors.  Samples to swoon over will be available soon!tov-skeins-dark-rtpYou're invited to a special event at the shop this afternoon from 1pm - 5pm.  You'll find Tov and our other Woolfolk yarns, patterns designed specifically for Tov, a live Facebook event, food, beverages, and a fun party atmosphere!We hope to see you there!