Too cute not to share

We recently received several new kits from Blue Sky Alpacs that will knit up into darling companions that are so cute that you may need to keep at least one for yourself.royal-petite-kit-02These little boxes include everything you'd need to make a finished stuffed animal from the yarn and a pattern to the stuffing and eyes.  Blue Sky has identified these projects as appropriate for advanced beginners.They have even provided stories for these darling creatures.royal-petite-kit-01This kit will create Georgitte, a baby African giraffe.  "Delightfully sweet and soft, Georgitte hails from Cameroon and spends her days both literally and figuratively with her head in the clouds. Munching on acacia trees (her favorite) leaves plenty of time for daydreaming. She can be a bit clumsy—expect her to occasionally upset the teacup or knock over your papers— but she's so charming we promise you won't mind that one bit."Darling.We have the whole collection of baby animals and they are just waiting for you to come and knit them up!