Two new yarns

We received a shipment from Harrisville Designs last week and are pleased to announce the arrival of two new yarns to the shop: flyWHEEL and WATERshed.These yarns are both 2-ply woolen spun 100% wool.  The first is a lighter sport weight and the second is a comforting worsted weight.  Both are light weight, wonderfully warm and resistant to pilling.  They will knit up beautifully resulting in crisp heirloom knitwear that will last as long as they are beautiful.watershed These two yarns come with an interesting story.  "The inspiration for this yarn came from canoeing through the watershed in Harrisville, New Hampshire. The water bubbles up from natural springs, flowing from the top at Spoonwood Pond down to the bottom at Lake Skatutakee. The names for each color were derived from various things observed along the rivers, lakes, and stream one paddles along."The rich heathered colors are created in the carding process.  Pre-dyed wool is blended as it moves through the industrial machinery in the mill and results in a the gorgeous tweedy texture.  These skeins are more color fast and a bit more brilliant in hue as a result.And happily, we can help support the watershed around Harrisville, NH that inspired these beautiful yarns.  A portion of the proceeds for every skein of WATERshed and flyWHEEL goes towards Historic Harrisville’s hydro-power project that produces clean energy used by the mill.We can't wait to see what you decide to make with these beautiful yarns.