Two or even three of a kind

It can be remarkable to see how differently versions of the same pattern can be conceived.  We love seeing how our friends create their own unique rendition of a pattern that captures their imagination.Do you remember the stunning Esjan shawl that Alyssa knit up in June of last year?  (You can read more about it here).esjan 2This beautiful pattern of Stephen West's also inspired Kimberly to cast on late last summer.  She created hers with three skeins of Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg in a DK weight.  (For those of you who are wondering the colors are A: Gothic Queen, B: Sand Castle C: London Fog).esjan 1 (2)Currently in the shop we have another fun sample of Esjan knit up in just one color.  This mouthwatering version was knit up by our dear friend Julie C. with Neighborhood Fiber Co.'s Studio Worsted on US 11 needles.DSC_0051As you can see, removing the other colors makes the stunning texture of this shawl more apparent.  The garter ridges come to the fore and those beautiful round lace openings become the main feature.The Ravelry description of the pattern assures us that it is a quick knit.  On large needles with worsted weight yarn this is a shawl that would quickly move off your needles.  But since gauge and sizing are not critical when making a shawl, this pattern could also be beautifully worked up with smaller needles and a finer yarn.We can't wait to see how this pattern continues to be reinvented.  If you find yourself inspired to make one, we hope that you'll share your photos with us so that we all can see what your Esjan looks like.