We've noticed that our samples are usually transformed when worn.  On the body, the pattern's drape and fit become more apparent and what looks like a mundane pullover or cardigan can become the next item on your wishlist.Today we'd like to introduce you to a sample in the shop that needs to be seen both on a model and off in order to highlight it's best features.quoin-03Quoin designed by Bristol Ivy is a striped cowl that knocked our socks off.  Seen here, it's knit up with three colors of The Fibre Company's Cumbria.quoin-02This pattern is cunningly constructed so that you work your rows both flat (back and forth) and in the round creating a stunning interplay of stripes.  It is more complex than one might imagine at first glance.Please note the distinction between difficult and complex.  This clever pattern is not difficult, it uses simple increases and decreases for a bias construction that drapes like a dream.quoin-01It can be a pleasure to work on a pattern such as this one.  Like the classic Baby Surprise Jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, the pattern comes together into a finished product that is difficult to imagine as it forms on your needles.We hope that you are working on something equally fun, beautiful and rewarding!