We all make mistakes

Unlike sewing, when you must measure twice or three times and cut once to ensure accuracy, we have the luxury in knitting to be able to undo our work and make it right.  You might never know when looking at a finished garment how many times it took to get the button holes just right.Jenny's new Fearless Knitting Sessions will focus on Frogging and Tinking giving you a chance to learn how to safely undo your work without having to start your project over from your cast on edge.Tink: (knit spelled backwards) is a slower stitch by stitch technique of working backwards, typically within your working row, to fix a mistake.Frog: pulling your needles out of your stitches and rip it, rip it, rip it back to an earlier row that is mistake free gives you a chance for a do-over.  Adding a lifeline to your work before removing your needles gives you a quick and easy way to pick up your stitches again without risk of loosing a single stitch.For the next two weeks, Jenny will provide FREE demonstrations of  tinking, frogging and lifelines. You will learn several ways of unraveling your knitting in order to fix mistakes – either stitch by stitch or several rows at once and you will also learn what a lifeline is and how to use one.Please join the fun of any of our FREE Fearless Knitting support sessions Thursdays February 25, and March 3  from 11am to 1pm or Saturdays Feb 27th and  March 5th from 9 to 11am.We hope to see you there!