Welcome, Brooklyn Tweed!

My Sister Knits is fast becoming a treasure trove of lovingly produced yarn sourced entirely in the U.S.!From the sheep, to the cleaning, to the dyeing process, and finally the spinning, we have a growing collection of yarns whose production supports farmers and artisans working to keep textile traditions alive.We are proud to announce our latest acquisition - Brooklyn Tweed Loft, Shelter and Quarry!Skeins-of-BT-RTPJared Flood, founder of Brooklyn Tweed, views knitwear as art with a function.  He started out designing quality, fashionable knitwear for men and went on to develop BT yarn, releasing it along with design collections for both men and women in 2010.This yarn starts out practically in our backyard with Targhee-Columbia sheep from Wyoming.Targhee-Columbia-Sheep-RTPFrom Wyoming, the fleeces go to Texas for thorough yet gentle scouring, evidenced by the occasional bit of hay in the yarn, then sent to Pennsylvania for dyeing, and finally to New Hampshire to be spun.Unlike other yarns, Brooklyn Tweed wool is dyed first and then the colors are blended together to create their heathery tones before being spun.BT-Seasons-hats-Spring-and-Fall-RTPLofty, full of air, and fairly loosely spun, Loft, Shelter and Quarry create a wonderfully warm fabric excellent for cables, textured stitches, and colorwork.  This yarn becomes strong during blocking but before that it's a bit delicate and must be treated gently.BT-hats-from-Shelter-and-Quarry-RTPJared, his design team, and guest designers support knitters with leading-edge designs and well written patterns with an eye toward detail.  You can knit a Brooklyn Tweed pattern with confidence!You can expect to hear more from us about Brooklyn Tweed but for now come into the shop and see the yarns and patterns for yourself!