We're celebrating!

We are going to be celebrating Mother's Day at the shop on Saturday May 9th.  We have a collection of new bags from Ribbon Street that we'll be featuring and you won't want to miss out. ribbon-streetWe've received bags of all kinds including project bags of varying sizes, clutches (like those shown above) that could double as notions or cosmetics bags as well as boxy bags that we can think of dozens of uses for.We'll also be able to share with you some of our other fun hand crafted gift ideas such as yarn bowls, shawl pins and handmade cards.  You may find the bright mobiles from Elevated Scraps as irresistible as we do.elevated-scrapsWe hope that you can visit in the midst of your planned celebrations that weekend.  Dawn will have some special homemade treats on hand and as always we'd love to see you!