What Else Can Be Found at My Sister Knits?

Everyone knows that My Sister Knits has a rich profusion of yarns and needles available.  Follow along as we take you on a photo journey of some of the other items that can be found in the shop!Twig and Horn's Wool Interchangeable Needle Case, cut and sewn in Maine, is a topnotch durable case ready to go anywhere!These paper goods are from Rowan Morrison, a Micro-Publisher based in Portland, Oregon.  Their products are for the most part made with recycled papers, produced locally in small runs.  We have three for you to choose from; all of them fun to use to take notes on your knitting, grocery lists, or anything else you might like to keep track of!Our 'A little burst of lovely' small project bag from Firefly Notes is too darling to resist!  Sandy Bahrich, owner of this small company in Vancouver, B.C., makes distinctive gifts inspired by "our history", to quote her.These beautifully made little tins with tops that slide are also from Firefly Notes.Top left is one of local craftsman Jerry Ertle's handmade yarn bowls that are treasures in themselves.To the right is the Snap n Go notions case from Exchanging Fire in Pennsylvania that many of us find indispensable.On the bottom are examples of the captivating new Jesabelle B. notion cases we have from Montreal.  They open up into a dear little tray!  We also have some Jessabelle B. wristlet project bags that hang on your arm and act as to-go yarn bowls!The story behind her project bags is one of family heritage. Her grandmother gave her one made by her great grandmother and called it a 'knit pocket'.  Jessabelle made a stronger version because she wanted to save her original one.  She put it online to see if anyone else might like to have one and the rest is history!Next on our journey are Swedish dishcloths that replace paper towels and sponges.  One of these replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!  There are countless designs and they can be washed in the machine and air dried.Lastly on our tour, we have candles and wool soap.We have two kinds of hand poured soy candles; soy wax allows for a very clean burn. Wax and Wool, scented with delicate essential oils, are made in the Pacific Northwest.  Denver made Rosy Rings candles have scents such as Tilled Earth, Tomato Vine, and Flannel Flower which can be a bit heartier than Wax and Wool.Twig and Horn Wool Soap is made with lanolin and a variety of oils that leave your handknits clean and refreshed.We invite you to come into the shop with plenty of time to browse our products in addition to yarn!