What has Julie dreaming of quilts?

Some of you may know that Julie’s crafting extends beyond the yarn in the shop.  She is also a very talented quilter. I asked her if she’d be willing to share with us some of her favorite sources of inspiration.

Julie’s must read list is topped by Material Obsession, one of the blogs that she hopes will influence this one with its breathtaking photos, very personal perspective, and fun insights into the author’s crafting life.  This blog comes from a very special quilting store in Australia, which Julie has found to be her favorite source for beautiful material.

Blue is Bleu the creating of a very talented quilting designer who is very connected with the quilting blogosphere.  Her must read list is a treasure trove of additional resources that will keep you in front of your computer screen all morning long!

Auntie Cookie is the creation of another Australian design maven Shannon Lamden.  She is the kind of crafter that you want to sit with on a back porch and shoot the breeze with, or go shopping with, or just wander around her house…  Her blog comprises a beautiful collection of great ideas and terrific products. Her fabric packs just may make a quilter out of you. Spoiler alert: some of her delicious fabric will be featured here at My Sister Knits in the New Year.  Check back for more details…

Last but certainly not least is Denise Schmidt.  Even I know about her, and I haven’t sewn a stitch in a quilt.  I‘ve come across her mouthwatering fabrics in my favorite indie fabric shop in Boulder: Fabricate.  But her quilting has me inspired to finally dive into sewing projects that are bigger than I am.  The photo above is appropriately enough, from her Denver Series.

I hope that Julie’s sources of inspiration help motivate you; if not to quilt, then perhaps to knit using colors that are new to you or techniques that might provide a challenge.