What is Dawn cooking up?

With a foodie holiday right around the corner I thought of asking the shop’s food expert to share some of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  Boy was I pleased when the first idea she had was for Dijon Braised Brussels Sprouts; one of my favorite veggies, and one that is easy to find at the Farmer’s Market.  With just a couple of weeks left to find local fresh veggies I love the idea of adding these to my holiday menu.

The link above sends you to a wonderful blog with gorgeous photos and very clear directions that I think will be a breeze to follow.

Her next recipe comes from a little eatery in the East Village of Manhattan – perhaps a stop on her gastronomic tour of the big apple this summer? This Kale salad from the Northern Spy Co. is beautiful and probably the healthiest possible side dish that one could choose to add to the table.  And, better yet this recipe doesn’t require kale massaging, so it comes together with less work than you might imagine.

Last but certainly not least, is a colorful option for dessert.  And it’s not a pie!

Williams-Sonoma has a beautiful jewel of an upside down Cranberry cake that has my mouth watering already.  I love using cranberries to provide a tart balance to the rich traditional dishes my family tends to make.  Plus, you can’t beat the pop of color that they make on the plate.

We here at the shop with you a very delicious holiday, and a fun few days pouring through cookbooks or surfing the web for recipes that will grace your Thanksgiving table this year.  Feel free to stop by and share any good ideas you have – especially if they involve tasty ways to dress up leftovers!